Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good Earth ?

First impressions - great tea, clever perforations on box allows you to
stand it up on smallest end, the foil wrapped bags fall out when needed.

Only when I opened up a new pack did I realise just how much space was unused inside.
Then I realised the cheeky blighters only put 18 bags in a packet, not 20 like most companies.

Repackaging them 'head to toe' gives even more room.

Lets get scientific:
The box is approximately 130mm long, yet barely 90mm is needed

As you can see, the box can accommodate 50% more tea bags,
27 in a box rather than 18.  Someone is puling a fast one here.
Good Earth, there's room to do gooder

I'm going to grow my own mint and make my own, much nicer.

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